This is Context

We exist to create designs that incorporate land and people-centric outcomes in context with the environment and community.

We do this by offering an integrated, in-house team of experts who work across landscape architecture, architecture, urban design, digital solutions, and all other areas of design to produce streamlined creative design experiences with commercial outcomes for our clients.

We believe that the best way to serve our clients is to provide them with simplicity, convenience, and transparency, whilst working alongside them to exceed project expectations.

By collaborating as an integrated design partner, we can offer design solutions that fit seamlessly together and work in tandem as parts of a greater whole, without affecting or inflating a client’s budget.

Integration is built into the DNA of our practice, automatically adding value throughout the design process.

So, while we provide a dedicated, highly experienced landscape, architecture, urban design and interior team working on a project, we can offer additional aspects such as masterplanning, remediation and wayfinding.

Our integrated design service also incorporates added value in the form of in-built sustainability considerations, along with digital solutions such as 3D capture, BIMx, and engagement tools such as a personalised client portal.

We aim to provide connected, high-performing design that marries functionality and commerciality with an attractive, compelling, enduring sense of place and community.